The African Wild Cat is the ancestor of the domestic or house cat, and is not a particularly shy creature. Interbreeding with domestic cats has, however, caused a severe decline in the numbers of the pure strain but Pred-A-Tours has the real thing! We have breeding African Wild Cats in our collection.


The african wild cat (Felis silvestris lybica) is the ancestor of the domestic cat. It is thought that these cats were first domesticated about 10 000 years ago in the Middle East. It is believed that it was this cat that was found mummified in Egypt dating back to around 4000BC. Subspecies are found throughout Africa, Europe and Asia.  These cats regularly interbreed with feral/domestic cats.  It is impossible to fully control the feral cat problem leading some to feel that the species is on an evolutionary dead end. Hybrid cats are larger than the pure ones and therefore muscle out any pure cats that there may be in the territory.  The pure african wildcat is distinguished by the reddish orange colour on the back of the ears, its long legs, dark brown markings on the face and black markings on the legs and tail. This cat is found in a variety of habitats from sea level to 3000m and weighs 4-5kg.


african wild cat - predatours wild cats

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